Start offering your own branded hand sanitizer and masks

In response to COVID-19, we are adapting our production to offer you a safe return to work with our hand sanitizer. We are committed to delivering quality products to our partners and clients to keep the workplace environment safe.

Formulated to your specifications

Our antibacterial hand sanitizer uses unique ingredients with 70% alcohol content, glycerin, novel MCT coconut oil as a moisturizer, lavender essential oil, and peppermint oil to give a clean light essence.

Be safe and protected

Our disposable non-medical face mask has 3-layers melt brown cloth BFE95 filter, size 6.8 x 3.7'', and in grey color. We can produce packages of 50 or 10 pieces.

Do you want to chat?

If you are interested in having a conversation, send us an email at We build relationships, and when you succeed we all win! Hundreds of amazing ideas go to waste daily as business owners find themselves unable to identify where they need to start, how to go about at igniting their ideas in the right way, via the right resources. This is where we come in. Work with us and we'll give you a full plan, with full transparency and guidance every step of the way to eliminate all guesswork. We'll hold your hand through both the formulation and execution process so that you can cut through the noise, develop the best in quality and performance product for an affordable price, and achieve your goal to positively impact people's lives.


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