Does CSN Pharma provide full support to its clients from start to finish?

Yes, we call it a one-stop-shop. We can help you bring your natural idea to the market at any stage of the process. From brainstorming with you to creating a roadmap for product development to meeting its regulatory compliances and manufacturing it. To know more You can also book a free consultation with us by […]

What makes CSN Pharma so special?

We stand out for being your co-manufacturer partner and not simply a third party provider. We provide excellent customer service, with regular follow up policy, expertise support from a knowledgeable and experienced team and constant innovation. On top of that, we only work with high quality suppliers, machinery and production standards, fresh raw material and […]

What are CSN Pharma’s Manufacturing Capabilities?

Our manufacturing capabilities include raw material sourcing, blending, encapsulating, packaging, labelling and testing. We specialise in powders and capsules with the following forms: bottles, pouches, sachets, capsules, stick packs. and we do liquid filling (bottling).