How should capsules be packaged and stored properly?

Most products have a shelf-life of 2 years, capsules are no different. In order to comply to that shelf-life capsules should be stored at room temperature (15 to 25 degrees Celsius) and relative humidity of 35 to 65%.

What distinguishes nutraceuticals from functional foods?

From a regulatory point of view their difference is the need to apply for a product’s license. Some ingredients, specially extracts must be classified as natural health products (nutraceuticals) and must submit an application for a product’s license (NPN number).

How do you choose the right contract manufacturer for your company?

Here are a few criteria you should consider: GMP Certification and other certification capabilities; Third-Party Quality Assurance; Turnaround response times; History reputation. We would also suggest you to set a quick online meeting with a few candidates to feel which one you connect better with.

What is ”Target Price”?

Target price is the price that you would like to see as your cost from your co-man. We can teach you how to calculate your target price based on market research to similar products. Book a free consultation with us by clicking here and we can explain how.