Are plant-based supplements safe to take?

In comparison to synthetic supplements, plant-based vitamins and minerals have been determined to be safer for long-term use. This is the logic behind why nutritionists and doctors from around the world advise those who are nutritionally deficient to take natural supplements made from pure, plant-based ingredients.

What are the necessary times you should use electrolytes?

Electrolyte drinks can help you replenish and re-hydrate. Drinking electrolytes is ideal in situations such as when in an extremely hot environment, having episodes of vomiting or diarrhoea, in vigorous workouts, overusing alcohol, etc.

Is L-glutamine safe to take every day?

Depending on why you’re taking glutamine, you should adjust how much and how often you take it. Clinical trials typically involve 5 to 45 grams daily for up to six weeks with no adverse side effects.