We are proud to announce that Ramin Estifaie will be representing CSN Pharma at the in-person summit in Milan and Rome with this distinguished team. It is a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs such as himself to present the problems that young entrepreneurs face in today's climate. As well as present ideas and solutions.

Also a big thank you to Futurpreneur Canada for all their support!

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The G20YEA summit is an important global event for Canadian Entrepreneurs joining and meeting with global leaders. Attendees advise on important issues as well as share ideas and propose solutions. It is an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs to advance their businesses beyond the Canadian borders. 

That being said, we are proud to announce that CSN Pharma has been selected to be one of 45 companies that will be representing Canada at The G20YEA, where our CEO & Co-Founder 
Ramin Estifaie will be proudly representing us.

Our CEO, Ramin Estifaie's interview with BIV sharing his most important takeaway from a year of unprecedented disruption and challenge

“I’ve learned how lowering my expectations can lead to a far more pleasant life.”
Ramin Estifaie- BIV 2020 Top Forty Under 40

Full story here:

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