Helping you bring your natural health idea to life

As a Vancouver based Boutique Sports Nutrition and Nutraceutical Product Manufacturing company, our promise to you is to provide exceptional customer service in helping you bring your concept to market every step of the way!


At CSN Pharma, collectively as a team, we strive for excellence and nothing less. With our customers at heart, we look to create the perfect formulation of the highest quality. Through innovation and the ability of our experts, we are able to provide safe, sustainable, and customized solutions to our customers


It is our mission to manufacture and distribute high-quality and competitively priced health supplements that cater to all individuals around the world. Our vast network of partners and suppliers allows us to source quality materials while our boutique manufacturing style allows us to be responsive to our customers’ every need.


Our state-of-the-art GMP compliant and Health Canada approved manufacturing facility enables us to produce high-quality products customized to your needs. We seek to provide our customers with a fast turnaround time whilst maintaining first-rate products and unparalleled customer service. With our ever-expanding line of products and capabilities, we make your formulation our command.

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Hundreds of amazing ideas go to waste daily as business owners find themselves unable to identify where they need to start, how to go about at igniting their ideas in the right way, via the right resources. This is where we come in.
Work with us and we'll give you a full plan, with full transparency and guidance every step of the way to eliminate all guesswork. We'll hold your hand through both the formulation and execution process so that you can cut through the noise, develop the best in quality and performance product for an affordable price, and achieve your goal to positively impact people's lives.