Research & Development 

We aim to make innovative natural health products customized to your needs from the concept stage to development and beyond.

  • Formulation: Creating a concept of a functional product, determining dosages amounts and ingredients efficacy. Looking at dosage forms to choose the best liquid, capsule, or powder to bring an idea to market.
  • Quality ingredients sourcing: Our vast network allows us to procure quality materials, advise on new functional science-based ingredients, all the while providing you with consistent product specifications. We are connected with distributors and manufacturers worldwide to find the right materials for your needs.

Manufacturing Process

  • Blending, drying, granulation, and coating
  • Brand extension formulation development
  • Dosage form specification development
  • Product specification development
  • Manufacturing process optimization

Brand & Marketing

Nowadays we are dealing with a competitive environment that is evolving and changing at an unprecedented pace. Market Research is essential to understanding your customers, industry, trends, and competition. Here at CSN Pharma, we help you to guide your brand for new and innovative products with our team of professionals.


The CSN team can help you avoid delays and wait time to your desired market with our comprehensive understanding of the health supplements industry. We can work closely with you and your regulatory partner to provide necessary information for any documents related to the quality aspect of your products.

  • Natural Health Products in Canada: All natural health products with certain claims need to get the product license by Health Canada before they can be legally sold in Canada. CSN team can help you to prepare the submission of detailed product information and specification required in the Product License Application.
  • Health supplements: Canadian functional foods are regulated by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). We have extensive experience to help you in the selection of ingredients that fit within the food regulatory streams of Canada.

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Hundreds of amazing ideas go to waste daily as business owners find themselves unable to identify where they need to start, how to go about at igniting their ideas in the right way, via the right resources. This is where we come in. Work with us and we'll give you a full plan, with full transparency and guidance every step of the way to eliminate all guesswork. We'll hold your hand through both the formulation and execution process so that you can cut through the noise, develop the best in quality and performance product for an affordable price, and achieve your goal to positively impact people's lives.