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Should my product be in capsule form? ​

We will work with you every step of the way to answer these questions and more. Through our tested processes, we will help you find the best manufacturing and packaging practices for your product to maximize your efforts!



We mix the right quantity in the right proportion to make the perfect combo of the product. We use the latest technology & so will never miss an inch.


Packaging & Labeling

We ensure that the products are well protected and packed with leakproof. Along with co-packing, we also assist with the private label services.


Bottles & Pouches

From family size to single-serve units, tackle what’s trending in your target market



There are many advantages to consider offering natural health supplements in capsule form. Accuracy in dosage, they are easier to swallow than tablets and are easily absorbed. CSN’s encapsulating capabilities can manufacture different types of capsules (Coloured, Vegetarian, Gelatin,..) in small and large quantities.


Sachets & Stick Packs

Single-servings are experiencing a growth in demand due to consumers’ convenience and sampling. This dosage form offers great return-value and gives businesses a profitable growth.


Liquid Filling

Due to liquid supplements being quickly and easily absorbed, they are in a growing demand. We provide you liquid supplements with a wide range of bottle shapes, sizes.