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Are you seeking to bring your supplement vision to life? At CSN Pharma, we can help make it a reality. Our team of experts complements your knowledge and experience to create innovative natural health products tailored to your specific needs – from the concept stage to development and beyond.


CSN Pharma takes pride in its unwavering commitment to quality. We are GMP certified and sell exclusively to authorized distributors and brand owners. Our services range from formulation development, analytical method validation, and regulatory approvals to co-packing and co-manufacturing.

Our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the health supplements industry, and we can assist you in navigating the complexities of product development and regulatory compliance. By partnering with us, you can avoid delays and confidently enter your desired market.


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Why Choose CSN Pharma

CSN Pharma has the expertise to bring your vision to life with innovative and customized natural health products that fulfill your unique needs and preferences.

Our commitment to the highest standards of quality means that you can trust our products to be safe, effective, and reliable.

Comprehensive services from formulation to co-packing, tailored to fulfill your product development and manufacturing needs.

Leverage our industry expertise to avoid delays and ensure regulatory compliance for your health supplements, backed by our proficient team.

Customized Powder Formulation Services for Your Business

At CSN Pharma, we offer tailored R&D services to adjust your powder formulations to your specific requirements. Our team of experts can help you refine the taste profile, solubility, color, and other key factors that influence your product’s success.

Partner with us to get the best formulation possible for your powder products. Contact us today to learn more about our R&D services and take the first step towards creating the perfect product for your business.

Our process begins with a briefing meeting where we’ll review your current formula and provide our expertise to help you optimize it for your target market.

Next, we’ll source all the necessary materials to start our trials and dedicate one of our R&D specialists to adjust the formula’s NMIs.

After that, we’ll send you a first set of samples for feedback, followed by a feedback meeting to discuss any adjustments you may need.

Finally, we’ll send you a second set of samples to ensure your satisfaction with the final product.


NPN Regulatory Services

We understand that navigating the regulatory landscape can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer Product License Application (PLA) services to help streamline the process and ensure that your product meets all regulatory requirements.

Our PLA services are divided into three categories: Class I, Class II, and Class III. Each category has different prices and lead times, with Class III applications requiring a pre-assessment prior to the application.

Let us help you navigate the regulatory landscape and get your product to market. Contact us today to learn more about our PLA services.

Our Services Include:

Adjusting your formula to meet desired claims while staying within your timeline and budget.

Collecting the required information from you, and applying for your Company’s Code if you don’t have one yet.

We’ll also prepare the necessary documentation and reports, including the Safety and Efficacy report for Class III applications.

We’ll act as your liaison with NNHPD and mediate any extra requirements to ensure a smooth application process.

And, once your license is approved, we’ll provide guidance on how to effectively market your product.


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Welcome to CSN Pharma, where we are dedicated to providing reliable and professional services in the development and manufacturing of nutraceutical products. As a leading contract manufacturer and private label provider, we are located in the beautiful British Columbia and strive to deliver exceptional natural health products that cater to the needs of our clients and their customers.

Our commitment to building long-term partnerships is built upon the foundations of trust, transparency, and shared success. Our aim is to help turn your vision into reality by providing innovative and high-quality natural health products that are tailored to your specific needs.

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